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I believe   + Info   Bro'Sis    
I believe I can fly   + Info   R. Kelly    
I can't dance   + Info   Genesis   S. 31
Ich bin ich   + Info   Rosenstolz    
Ich bin ich bin Musik   + Info   Mozart!    
Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt   + Info   Marlene Dietrich   S. 176
Ich lebe   + Info   Christina Stürmer    
Ich lieb den Frühling  (I like the flowers)   + Info      
Ich lieb die Herbstzeit  (I like the flowers)   + Info    
Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ   + Info     Nr. 30
Ich war noch niemals in New York   + Info   Udo Jürgens   S. 30
I cried for you   + Info   Katie Melua   Seite 57
I'd do anything   + Info   Simple Plan    
I'd do anything for love  (But I won't do that)   + Info   Meat Loaf   S. 7
I do believe in love   + Info   Katie Melua   S. 60
I don't want to miss a thing   + Info   Aerosmith    
I dreamed a dream   + Info   Les Misérables    
If a song could get me you   + Info   Marit Larsen   S. 4
If I were a boy   + Info   Beyoncé Knowles  
I got rhythm   + Info   Robert Palmer   Seite 22
I Got Stripes   + Info   Johnny Cash    
I hate this part   + Info   The Pussycat Dolls    
I just called to say I love you   + Info   Stevie Wonder   S. 98
I just can't wait to be King   + Info   Elton John   S. 14
I just won't quit   + Info   Meat Loaf   46
I knew you were trouble   + Info   Taylor Swift    
I like   + Info   Keri Hilson   S. 14
I'll be there for you   + Info   The Rembrandts   S. 72
I'll never tell   + Info      
I'm gonna be (500 Miles)   + Info   The Proclaimers    
Im Märzen der Bauer   + Info    
Immortality   + Info   Celine Dion   14
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman   + Info   Britney Spears    
Impossible   + Info   Arthur James    
Impromptu a-moll (Heinz Teuchert)   + Info     Nr. 80
I'm with you   + Info   Avril Lavigne   S. 14
In between   + Info   Linkin Park    
In der Telemark  (Maria Linnemann)   + Info     Nr. 78
In einem kleinen Apfel   + Info      
In the late of night   + Info   Toni Braxton    
In the shadows   + Info   The Rasmus    
I.O.I.O.   + Info   B3    
Irgendwas bleibt   + Info   Silbermond   S. 22
Irgendwo wird immer getanzt   + Info   Mozart!    
Iridescent   + Info   Linkin Park    
Iris  (The Goo Goo Dolls)   + Info   The Goo Goo Dolls    
Irreplaceable   + Info   Beyoncé Knowles    
I say a little prayer   + Info   Aretha Franklin   Dionne Warwick   S. 25
I see you   + Info   Leona Lewis    
Is nur Kino   + Info   Glashaus    
I swear   + Info   John Michael Montgomery     All-4-one   S. 212
It must have been love   + Info   Roxette   S. 59
It Never Rains in Southern California   + Info   Albert Hammond    
It's my life   + Info   Bon Jovi   S. 10
It's raining men   + Info   The Weather Girls   Geri Halliwell    
It's Time   + Info   Imagine Dragons    
I Walk the Line   + Info   Johnny Cash    
I will always love you   + Info   Dolly Parton   Whitney Houston
  S. 33

I will follow him   + Info   Sister act   S. 30
I will survive   + Info   Gloria Gaynor    
I won't let you go   + Info      






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